LITT Pinball Bar

Recently my husband was introduced to a pinball bar in Minneapolis and really enjoyed it. So last weekend when we had a day solo with our teenage son, he thought it would be an awesome place that he would truly like and wouldn’t break our post-Christmas bank.

He loved the idea – LITT Pinball Bar was such a fun surprise and brought me back to my own teenage roots with games like Funhouse, The Addams Family, Cactus Jack, and Halloween (if you’re a huge pinball geek, you can see all their games listed here). As if pinball wasn’t enough, LITT also won Best Hot Dogs in the Twin Cities by City Pages in 2019 and we can attest to their deliciousness. A hot dog, cheese curds, craft beer, 1919 root beer, a fun atmosphere, AND pinball? It was a blast to spend the afternoon at LITT with my two guys.

What is LITT Pinball Bar?

Well, that’s an easy one. It’s a pinball bar. A bar that has a crap ton of pinball machines. These are fun, good quality, memorable pinball machines that you’re sure to remember from your own youth. It’s locally owned and operated with a full bar, fantastic menu with sandwiches, tacos, burgers, appetizers, and hot dogs, and change machines so you can fully embrace the true purpose of the bar – to play all the pinball.

Each game is $.75 but we were all surprised at how long each game lasted. My first game was my best (it only went downhill from there), but it lasted far longer than any video game I’ve ever played (I can’t be the only mom who sucks at video games, right?). The tables were designed to look like pinball machines, the decor and murals are amazing, even the merch is pretty sick. We all had a blast and will definitely be going back!

What you need to know about LITT Pinball Bar?

  • All pinball games are $.75 per game but that game lasts a long time, no matter how good or bad you are at pinball.
  • There are a few change machines throughout the space and small cups to hold your quarters.
  • Kids under 18 must be accompanied by an adult no matter the time of day. After 8pm, the bar is only open to 21+ so plan accordingly.
  • There’s a tiny parking lot behind the building, but street parking is available as well. It’s right on Hennepin so it’s busy – be warned.
  • Seating isn’t limited, but it also isn’t great. If you can find a table, snag it and when you’re done eating, leave it.
  • Next to each pinball machine is a small table to set your personal items (ie, your beer and quarter cup). Brilliant planning on their part.
  • There are restrooms in the back, hidden amongst four other pinball machines. There are a small handful of “vintage” pinball machines but we didn’t care for those as much as the classics. To each their own though.
  • Keep food and drink OFF and away from the machines. Use the tables next to them. For obvious reasons.
  • Directly across the street from LITT is a Sebastian Joe’s ice cream. Down the road a bit is the Walker Sculpture Garden for a nice calm walk. And for food, check out the Leaning Tower of Pizza or Baba’s Hummus House (mmmm). You’re also a 2-minute drive from Isles Bun and Coffee, so if you want a cinnamon roll that will change your life forever, that’s my top pick.

LITT Pinball Bar is open every day of the week at 11am and closes at 2am, but after 8pm, it is 21+ ONLY. All kids under 18 must be accompanied by an adult all hours of the day.

LITT is located close to the Walker Sculpture Garden off of Lyndale and Hennepin. The area is quite busy with cars, pedestrians, and general traffic so keep little kiddos close. Get directions to LITT here.

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