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eden prairie play zone



The day the kids and I decided on the Prairie Play Zone it was pouring rain. We didn’t have a destination in mind when we piled in the car so I just started driving south. As I entered Eden Prairie, we talked about options and they decided on an indoor playground (but something “cooler than a mall”). I had only been to the Prairie Play Zone once before and it was a long time ago, so I quick pulled over and Googled it. Same place, same price, perfect! This specific indoor playground is part of the EP Community Center, tucked in behind the childcare room, where parents can drop off their kids while they fill their exercise quota for the day. I am not a member of the community center (or ANY fitness facility, for that matter), but this little gem of a place works perfectly as a one-stop shop for some rainy day release for members and non-members alike.

What is it?

The Prairie Play Zone is a soft and safe indoor play structure in the Eden Prairie Community Center building. It has a climbing structure for slightly bigger kids and a separate toddler area with soft blocks and a slide. The playground is part of the community center, so is accessible through the childcare center. The community center offers a small cafe and tables, nice restrooms, and a few additional kid activities during the week.

eden prairie play zone

Fit for what ages?

My four (almost five *sniff*) year old loves the climbing structure. There are a few slide options (one big, three smaller) and some fun obstacles throughout. Plus, a rock wall at the base of the big slide. Everything is on soft mats, so (if your kids are ninjas like mine), somersaults can be done pretty much anywhere. The toddler area is really nice. And big! Kids can build rockets, robots, and houses with soft blocks, or build a pile at the bottom of the mini slide and jump in. Whatever they do in there, it’s pretty much a guaranteed safe zone, which is nice for nervous parents. Babies might even enjoy crawling around in there, so long as there aren’t a million crazies running around.

eden prairie play zone

How much are we talkin?

Members of the Community Center are free. Otherwise, 18 months – 4 years is $4/kid. Over 5 years is $5/kid. There is no charge for kids under 18 months or the supervising adults. They do offer half price rates Monday-Friday after 1 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday after 4 p.m.

eden prairie play zone

Want some tips?

There is lots of ample free parking in the community center lot. We have only been there during the week, but it was not busy at all. In fact, both times we had the place to ourselves for at least half our visit. We brought a packed lunch and ate it at the tables outside the cafe. No food or drink is allowed in the play area. The cafe offers a nice selection of snacks, drinks and some small kid-friendly meals in case you prefer something hot. The cafe does close for a bit after lunch hour, so make sure you hit it when it’s open if you’re hungry for some Easy Mac.

The climbing structure is semi-adult-friendly. Although it is soft on your knees, it’s pretty tight in space (and this is coming from a short woman). There are two or three benches on which parents can relax. It’s so narrow in there that you can see everything and everyone from a bench, which is relieving for once. Bathrooms are located right past the cafe and are clean and have changing tables. Socks are required here, as they are at every other play place.

EP Community Center does offer open swim during some weekend hours, and there is a Tot Time Open Gym that starts back up again in the Fall (it is not active during summer months). So, take advantage of your time in the city. While Eden Prairie does consist of mostly chain stores and restaurants (so maybe get some errands run?), I highly recommend a pit stop at the one-and-only Lion’s Tap for an amazing won’t-regret-it hamburger. In fact, now that I’m thinking about it, maybe just skip the play place and go get their food instead. 🙂

eden prairie play zone

Hours and Location

16700 Valley View Road  |  Eden Prairie, MN 55346

The play structure is open 8 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. every day of the week. Important to note that when you are on the Community Center website, and you click Contact Us, the address that comes up will point you to the City Center on Mitchell Road. From experience in the pouring rain, let me tell you this is NOT the Community Center. Go to the address listed above on Valley View Road. It’s off of Valley View Road and Eden Prairie Road, just north of Hwy 5.

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