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Adventure. That’s the name of the game for my kiddos when it comes to winter break. If they aren’t wrestling in the living room, they’re playing “pelt your sibling with stuffed animals” or “dump out all the blocks then don’t play with them” or “how many Keurig cups can we stack and then kick around the kitchen.” No matter how you spin it, they’re wreaking havoc. And I know it’s because they have below-zero levels of energy thanks to our good ol’ Minnesota temperatures. So, I’ve got a Parental Solution – take them to an indoor adventure park that will let them run off all their steam while simultaneously blowing their minds! Have you been to Urban Air Adventure Park in Coon Rapids yet? Winter break is the perfect time to pay them a visit. Make it a special outing and they’ll spend the rest of winter break thanking you (and sleeping really, really well).

urban air

urban air

What is it?

While the rest of the country has a number of them, Coon Rapids became home to Minnesota’s first-ever Urban Air Adventure Park franchise. Celebrating its grand opening Labor Day Weekend, 2017, this 30,000 square foot adventure park definitely lives up to its name. You can play with your feet on the ground or soar through the air or climb to the ceiling or leap and flex through obstacles. This is not your average trampoline park. It’s not just another rock climbing venue or warrior course or indoor play place. This is a little bit of everything under one roof – and it’s new and clean and super awesome!

When you walk in Urban Air Adventure Park, you will pay for your package choice at the front desk (or you can do it online before arriving) and then the adventure is up to you. You can choose from a wide array of physical activities including trampolines (free style, Olympic, air bag and basketball), a ropes course, climbing walls, a climbing hill, warriors obstacle course, a battle beam (on which my husband absolutely crushed me), and a tubes-and-slides play place. We managed to spend three hours here with only one snack break because everyone was far too excited to continue conquering everything in the building. It was so fun to watch my kiddos go from being completely fearful of certain activities to proudly leaping and bounding through them like they’d been practicing for years. Their confidence and joy will both soar at Urban Air.

urban air

urban air

Fit for what ages?

Age is a really hard category to define for Urban Air Adventure Park enjoyment since there is such a wide variety of attractions. Since toddlers and preschoolers would only probably enjoy the tubes play area and some trampolines, it’s nice that they only cost $9.99 for Open Jump. But if you’re going to bring a child 5 or under, I would recommend coming during Jumperoo hours instead since you’ll be guaranteed no self-control-less crazy-legged older kids will be there to knock your toddler on their butts.

Speaking of crazy-legged older kids, my two oldest thought this place was the bee’s knees. Literally, you guys, they ran from one adventure to another, sweating and sprinting and growing more and more confident as the minutes went on. These two (ages 5-almost-6 and 8) aren’t always the bravest children in the world, so it was astounding and awesome to see them get harnessed in to the climb the wall or navigate the ropes course. And can I just tell you how insane it was to see my cautious daughter rock the sky coaster a dozen times in a row? If you have a child who likes trying new things and jumping off ledges, this is a great place for them.

Some height restrictions to consider at Urban Air Adventure Park: you must be 41″ to enter the warrior course or try the climbing walls; you have to be 48″ for the ropes course and the sky rider; and you can not exceed 52″ to play in the tubes play area or do the climbing hill. That being said, the ideal age are kids who sit between 48 and 52″ because they can participate in every single attraction, but older kids will definitely be thoroughly entertained. I mean, my husband and I went toe-to-toe on the Warrior Battle Beam and that (to him) was worth the price of admission. Nothing says ‘love’ like crushing your spouse into a giant foam pit with a padded gladiator joust, am I right?

urban air

urban air

urban air

How much are we talkin’?

At Urban Air Adventure Park, you pay by level depending on the amount of attractions that interest you. While $29.99/kid can feel steep, my family treated this as a super special treat and it isn’t something we would do every week. Also, if you think about it, the cost of a basic “trampoline park” is somewhere around $10 and Urban Air Adventure Park offers a much wider variety of activities, it’s a lot more bang for your buck and really is a good deal! Pricing falls into the following packages:


However, if you’re looking to only use their trampolines, that is $13.99/person. And kids 5 and under only pay $9.99 and that gives them access to everything in the Ultimate Package (although there are height restrictions that might make some of these activities unfeasible for kids that young). The nice part is, as a parent, we only pay $5.99 to match the exact package that was purchased for our children. So if you get the $29.99 package for the kiddo, you can enjoy those same activities for only $5.99 (and this is super cool because this place is so fun for us old parents too!)

In addition to the admission fee, you are 100% required to purchase their Urban Air Adventure Park socks for $2.50/pair. They do not allow other gripper socks that are not specific to their venue (I asked).

Looking to save a little money on this adventure? Consider one of their daily deals (for example, Mondayis $15.99 unlimited play, excludes school breaks and summer) or hit up Family Night on Thursdays after 5pm for 5 jump passes, a pizza and water bottles for $39.99. You can also visit their website to look for deals or sign up for coupons to be sent to your email here.

What else will you be spending? Well, you can rent a locker for $3 for 2 hours ($4 for 3 hours, $5 for 4 hours, etc). You can also buy concessions of candy, mini donuts, pizza, hot dogs, pretzels and other snacky items (expect slightly more than gas station prices).

Birthday parties are a big deal at Urban Air Adventure Park and start at $199 with a million different add-on options.

urban air

urban air

Want some tips?

To save time, you’ll want to buy your tickets and sign your waivers online. The online process felt a little cumbersome to me, but it’s not overly complicated. Just be sure to figure out your package preference before running through the booking process.

Before jumping or playing, you will need to have a waiver signed and socks purchased ($2.50). There are open cubbies for shoes, jackets and other goodies, and lockers are also available for rental. They do not allow outside food or drink to be brought in to the venue, but their concessions are reasonable in price and there are water fountains around. Oh, and it’s new…so it’s clean…but there’s also plenty of hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the space. High chairs are available in the dining area.

For parents, there are plenty of benches and tables for kicking up your feet, and there’s also an upstairs lounge area with tables and couches that overlooks the entire venue so you can kinda-sorta keep an eye on your kiddos from up above. But I mean, let’s be honest, this is a place you’re going to want to spend the $5.99 and play a little yourself. I loved going face-to-face with my 8-year old in the battle climbing wall (where you climb the same see-through wall and race to the top…I won for those of you wondering) 🙂

Oh. And there’s massage chairs. Ya know. Just cuz why not.

Some clothing advice: it gets hot in here! Kids are running, jumping, climbing, flying…just working up a sweat. I recommend wearing shorts under pants and letting them strip down as they warm up. And, gals, avoid skirts or dresses. There’s a lot of in-the-air attractions and you don’t want your underwear to be one of them.

IMPORTANT: My family went on a weeknight.

A Monday night to be exact. And as you can see by the photos, it.was.dead. And by dead, I mean awesome. No lines for anything. My kids got off the sky coaster and got right back on. We were the only ones in the warrior course and on the climbing walls and we didn’t have to fight for an open trampoline. I asked the staff and they said on weekends the line for the sky coaster can be up to 20 people deep. In my head, that sounds like an awful long time to wait for a 20-second ride, and how frustrating to spend so much time waiting and not playing. I understand that weekends are the only option for folks, but just wanted to give a fair warning that it might be a teensy bit more chaotic than a weekday evening. The space is big so it might not feel crowded, but a line is a line and I’m assuming that would be the case for many of these attractions.

After visiting Urban Air Adventure Park, my son is already planning to have his 9-year old birthday party here. He wants the Glow Party (think glow sticks, strobe lights and crazy grade school boys!) but there are a number of birthday party options available. Just remember that waivers are required and must be signed by the child’s guardian.

urban air

urban air

Check out my daughter mastering the sky coaster (in one of her million flights during our visit):

Hours and location

Urban Air Adventure Park

10 Coon Rapids Blvd.  |  Coon Rapids, MN 55448

If you are interested in open jump or any of the attraction packages, the hours are:

Monday-Thursday: 3–8pm
Friday: 12–11pm
Saturday: 10am–11pm
Sunday: 10am–8pm

Keep in mind that school break hours, holiday hours and summer hours can be different, so be sure to check their online calendar before planning your visit.

Special event hours at the Coon Rapids location include:

urban air


Urban Air Adventure Park Coon Rapids has a very active Facebook page so follow them to see a quick glimpse of unique events, toddler times, teen nights, discounted admissions, daily deals, special hours, and some super cool videos!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary visit to Urban Air Adventure Park in exchange for my time sharing this post. All thoughts are my own.

urban air

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