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twin cities project 52



My kids have been secretly getting into my not-so-hidden Easter candy stash. So, with that recent (yes, probably preventable) sugar rush, we figured we needed to get out of the house. Not just to skip from store-to-store in the mall, but to really run. And if we could find somewhere that had jumping, diving, spinning and rolling too? Even better. I was pleased when I found a gymnastics/dance studio in the area that had open gym that day because, when it comes to my kids and a sugar high, padding is certainly a necessity. Twin Cities Project 52 open gym was the perfect way to spend a still-snowy Spring morning when Tootsie Rolls were rampantly flowing through their tiny veins like water.

What is it?
Twin Cities Project 52 is a fitness, dance and gymnastics center for everyone from toddlers to adults. While they offer open classes throughout the week (from Pilates to Hip-Hop), your kids will be mostly interested in the open gym every Thursday. The colorful walls, super safe environment and friendly staff made this choice an A+ in my book.

twin cities project 52

Fit for what ages?
I’d say this place could make any age happy, including babies (the space is very clean for crawlers). There were giant foam pads, trampolines, climbing structures, uneven bars and rings to hang from…a little for every age group. My four-year old enjoyed hanging from the rings and doing “tricks” on the bars, while my two-year old thought she was pretty cool climbing high on the foam octagons and mastering the balance beam (I heard a lot of “Ta-Daaaaaa”s).

How much are we talkin?
Open gym costs $5/kid. There is no time limit for your money, so feel free to come at 10 and stay until noon. I’d be impressed if your little gymnast could make it that long without falling asleep on a tumbling mat. Adults are free to open gym.

twin cities project 52

Want some tips?
We went on a snowy/rainy kind of day, and it was not busy at all, so I can’t imagine it is very crowded in the warmer months. There is a nice space for shoes and coats right outside the tumble room. You must wear socks and keep them on (try telling that to my stinker of a daughter…grrr). Get out there and be active with your kids! It’s the perfect place to let loose, bounce on trampolines, dive into cushions, and just be plain goofy with your little ones, all while Sophia the First is rockin’ the CD player. There is a corner of the room with hula hoops, soft rings, and other safe play items…perfect for any non-walkers. We packed a lunch, but ate it in the car. I didn’t get the feeling that food was allowed, and it would not surprise me if it wasn’t. This is a clean space that should probably stay that way.  While it was a relatively compact space, small kids shouldn’t mind at all. Make up some games, have races, and create obstacle courses to extend their interest if they get “bored.”

It’s located in a busy section of Bloomington (right across the street from Southtown Shopping Center), so combining errand-running with this adventure is really simple (plus, there’s a drive-thru Caribou right around the corner)!

twin cities project 52

Hours and Location
1901 American Blvd. W  |  Bloomington, MN 55431
Twin Cities Project 52 is located just south of Hwy 494 off Penn Ave. The building is tucked on the back end of a parking lot next to the Sonic, Savers and Red Lobster.

Hours of operation for the entire studio are 10am – 9pm Monday-Friday, 8am – 3pm Saturday, and closed on Friday and Sunday. Open gyms are held Thursdays rom 10am – 12:30pm in the tumbling room.

Follow Twin Cities Project 52 on Facebook to see news on their competitions and classes. I’m tempted to try a drop-in stretch class to see how bad of shape my body is really in. Who’s with me?!

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