Good Times Park

Good Times Park
Eagan, MN

Winter is long, my friends. There’s no sweet Minnesotan way to say it – it’s just plain old L.O.N.G. But this is precisely why places like Good Times Park exist. Minnesota’s largest family-owned indoor playground, Good Times Park is a great outing to let the little ones jump, bounce, climb, kick (not each other), read, build, spin, slide, swing, throw, run, run, and run some more. I’ve loved this place since my oldest was young and it’s definitely kept up with the slew of kiddos who have grown up with this place. Still very well maintained, clean, and under new ownership (as of Fall 2022), I was very pleased to return with my kids and let them experience the joy that is indoor play (as a huge advocate for outdoor play, this is a big statement from me).

What will you get from a day at Good Times Park? Adventure, variety, space, friendliness, activity, and
…drumroll please…

Tired. Children. (can I get an Amen?)

What is it?

Good Times Park is Minnesota’s largest, family-owned, entirely indoor playground and family recreational park. The facility utilizes the “pay-for-a-code-and-let-yourself-in” method and once you’re in the doors, it’s a relatively self-run adventure. The kiddos make themselves at home with the playground equipment, giant jumping pillow, turf soccer field, huge basketball court, spiderweb, game boards, infant and toddler areas, block building, even a separated reading corner. And the parents can settle in to one of the MANY benches or the dining area (which you clean up yourselves – you ARE a grown-up after all), or hey, go play with the kiddo! Consider it your daily exercise. Supervision of your own kids is definitely required though.

The whole place is super nice for the sole fact that it’s WIDE OPEN and you can pretty much see your kids from anywhere you are, no matter where they decide to go. Shoes and socks are required (jumping pillow is socks only) and you can bring in food and drink for the dining space. We liked the whole “come and go as you please” concept so we parents who neglected to bring snacks or food could leave for lunch and come back afterwards. Your paid admission code is good for all day, so you will surely get your monies worth. And there really is something for everyone.

Fit for what ages?

Just like any indoor playground, the ages can range greatly. But Good Times Park does a good job of separating out their playgrounds by age so bigger kids aren’t barreling over toddlers and infants aren’t getting knocked out by toddlers. And the floor is all a really nice rubber, so even crawlers can feel at ease.

There’s a playground for smaller kids, another for bigger kids, a walled-off infant space and a spot for those who just want to lounge and read. They even have basketball hoops at various heights and soccer balls of all sizes so each age can enjoy at their own level. The only place where all ages mingle is the bouncing pillow and the court/field. Just make sure your kids are respectful of other children and it should be all fine and good. My whole crew, who vary in age from 6-13, found common ground on the soccer field building obstacle courses and playing full-on soccer games.

The facility has thought of everything for the super littles as well, with its fully-equipped lactation station, diaper changing tables, high chairs, and varying-level water fountains with stools.

How much are we talkin?

Good Times Park is a self-use, self-clean business which means you pay online on the day you plan to pay (no, you cannot pay ahead of that day) and when you arrive, you will enter the code that was emailed to you. I’ll explain…

The “Play Today Pass” is a single-day admission and you do need to pay for each child ages 1-17 (adults are free). The morning you plan on going, visit the BUY NOW page of their website here and select the option with the correct number of children. Each child costs $10.25 to enter and you can come and go as you please for the duration of that day. You’ll receive a code after payment (which is also emailed to you). Log this away as you will need it when you arrive.

When you get to Good Times Park, enter the kiosk area and plug your code in to one of the machines which will automatically unlock the door. This code is good all day so you can leave for lunch, come back and play some more with the same code. Some items worth noting:

  • Admission is required for each child ages 1-17 for $10.25/child.
  • If you only have one child under 1, you do need to pay for that child to get a code.
  • Cash payments are not accepted. Purchases are card only.
  • You must purchase day passes the DAY OF your play.
  • Don’t lose your entrance code. This is your key to fun!
  • There is a liability waiver build in to the purchase agreement. You agree to that to get your code.
  • Sharing the entrance code with others is strictly prohibited. Don’t be a jerk.
  • Good Times Park also offers memberships, both monthly and annually. If you’re close to Eagan, this could be a good way to spend many days and be worth the investment. Check out the membership rates here.
  • Gift cards are NOT available due to the day-of nature of the park.

Want some tips?

Because this is a self-run day at the park, there has to be some posted rules to follow so the place doesn’t get flipped upside-down. Here are the highlights to keep Good Times running nice and smooth:

  • Shoes and socks are required. Play on all the equipment with shoes – with the exception of the jumping pillow. That is socks only. NO BARE FEET allowed anywhere.
  • Your admission must be purchased day-of and you use your entrance code to get in to play that day. You can come and go as you please with that code, which is good for the duration of the day.
  • Pack snacks, drinks, lunch, a gourmet dinner, whatever. There is a very large dining space designated to eating. Please keep all food and drink in this area. There is one vending machine available if you need to purchase a treat. Kids love treats.
  • Clean up after yourselves. Good Times has plenty of cleaning products around the space, from brooms to table wipes to hand sanitizer. Be considerate and wipe down what you use so it can be enjoyed by the next family.
  • A first-aid kit and cold packs are available for needed use near the restrooms.
  • There is a lactation space (curtain included) and nice baby changing tables available.
  • You can safely store your goods in one of their MANY cubbies throughout the park. There’s also tons of seating available and you can see your kid from nearly all places too, which is super for us parents of runners.
  • Coat racks, high chairs and hand washing spaces are there for your use. Very convenient and considerate.
  • If you want to dodge field trips, be sure to check out their online calendar here. It will list “No field trips this day” if there are none. All field trips are gone by 3pm.
  • I recommend wearing lighter clothing since the more you run, the hotter you get. And there will be running involved!
  • Birthday parties or group gatherings are not permitted at Good Times Park.
  • Supervise your children. In fact, better yet, get out and PLAY with them. It’s a great way to get some exercise and give them your time and love.

Good Times Park is a very well-run and well-maintained indoor adventure park that our family truly enjoys visitig. The amount of space made it feel less crowded and the other families were overall very respectful of the rules (except that one kid who whacked me in the head with a block – er, light saber – because unbeknownst to me, I was Darth Vader and he was Luke Skywalker).

Watch your kids. Be present. Have fun. Play. Enjoy them. They’re only little once.

Hours and location

3265 Northwood Circle, Suite 100  |  Eagan, MN 55121
Google Map

Hours of Operation: The Park is open daily from 7:00am to 9:00pm every day. However, there are special hours for some holidays and those can be found on the park’s homepage or online calendar.

The big brick building has plenty of free parking in their lot. Google Maps should take you directly to the location which can be tricky to find tucked back a bit from the main roads.

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