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This past weekend, our family was looking for something to do and we all wanted very different things (imagine that, welcome to parenthood!). But I was super excited when we came across the Plymouth Community Center in Plymouth, MN and the Kids Ultimate Backyard Experience (K.U.B.E.) Indoor Playground. This is an accessible play area designed with unique and modern designs, materials and climbing equipment. Our youngest two were so excited by the wide variety of ramps, slides, climbing towers, playhouses and other structures, that they lasted in there long enough for mom to do some (free) track running and switched off with dad and older brother who got to shoot hoops in the open gym. The Community Center is so nice and everything sits closely together, and the K.U.B.E. is such an awesome new addition! Needless to say, every single member of our family crashed extra hard that night and are already itching to go back. 

What is it?

The new K.U.B.E. indoor kids play area was built recently and intended to replicate the vibe of the type of big ol’ outdoor playgrounds we all love and enjoy in the warm months but the K.U.B.E. is inside, warm, dry and open all winter long. Being a Minnesota mom with three young children, this idea is very VERY appreciated! 

Located inside the Plymouth Community Center just north of Hwy 55, the K.U.B.E. hosts a 28-foot-tall tower with netting and a spiral slide, activity spinners, a basket swing, rock climbing wall and several interactive gaming areas. There is a nice separation between the playground intended for toddlers and younger kids and the rest of the playground. I know it can get wild and crazy in here, but the day we came (a random Saturday), it was not the least bit busy and there was plenty of space for kids to actually be free (just like they are outside).  The equipment holds a good amount of kids and there is also lots of seating for parents, along with cubes and storage spaces, including coat racks – all free. What I loved about the space was the lighting and windows. The K.U.B.E. sits on the main level of the Community Center and is enveloped by large windows and skylights bringing in loads of natural light (thus, happiness). 

Fit for what ages?

The website says it’s suitable for ages 2-12 and I would 100% agree with that. Just like any play place, babies can hang (and this place really was super clean for little crawlers), but there’s that risk of being knocked over or stepped on. And my tween had very little interest in checking it out, although I know he would’ve enjoyed it had he given it a chance. My 6 and 10-year olds though? LOVED. They climbed everything a million times…even that awful rock wall…and weren’t ready to leave even after a solid couple of hours. It would be a simple place to bring a small group of their friends or to host a birthday party too. 

Strollers are allowed in the K.U.B.E. on the rubber (off the turf) and all kids under the age of 12 need to be supervised by their adult while in the Community Center. 

How much are we talkin?

Just like any Community Center, Plymouth residents get a cheaper rate, but nevertheless, this is definitely one of the most affordable indoor play places this non-resident has ever visited! 

Daily Rate for the K.U.B.E: $6/non-resident ($5/resident)
*Fee is applied to children over the age of 3. Supervising adults do NOT need to pay (it’s the little victories, and this is definitely one of them!!). 

You can also purchase a 10-visit punch pass for $55/non-resident ($45/resident). 

Note that admission to the K.U.B.E. is only good for the playground space. It does not permit you to enter open gym time or any classes that might be going on, etc. The running/walking track upstairs is free, but I have yet to meet a 5-year old who enjoys running miles of laps for pleasure, but it sure is a nice perk for mom in the winter.

Parking is free in the huge lot. There are vending machines available. 

Birthday parties are also hosted at the K.U.B.E. and start at $170 for two hours. Look into birthday party rentals more on their website here.

Want some tips?

When we arrived at the Plymouth Community Center, it was a little confusing – do we pay at the front desk? Do we just walk in? What costs how much and to what does that allow me access? Fear not! It’s really not as complicated as my inner anxiety was making it. For the K.U.B.E., you can simply walk past the front desk and head straight down the one-way hallways until you quite literally run into it. There is a pay counter to the left and a kiosk to the right. When you pay for admission (cash or card), they will give you a paper receipt with a barcode. This receipt allows you access in and out of the K.U.B.E. for the full day. Our family took a break to eat packed sandwiches and snacks in one of the seating areas in the Community Center and scanning the receipt to get back in was super slick! Remember, everyone age 3 or older has to pay to enter MINUS the supervising adult (yay! We’re free!!)

Speaking of sandwiches and snacks, no, you cannot eat inside the K.U.B.E. No food is allowed in there (for good reason. It’s so clean and that will help it stay that way!)

Clean shoes CAN be worn at this playground. My daughter wore her socks for awhile because I think that’s what she’s used to doing at indoor play areas, but it’s harder to climb metal ladders in socks so she quickly put her tennis shoes back on. I guess wearing shoes is what makes it a legit backyard experience! Also, it can get warm in there with the big windows and little running bodies, so maybe stick to a t-shirt instead of putting your kid in a wool sweater or some other super-Minnesota-mom move. And bring water. 

Bathrooms are everywhere in the Community Center, but the play area has their own right inside so it could not be simpler when your 6-year old gives you, like, 9 seconds to respond, react and resolve his “I have to pee SO BAD” plea.

A couple notes about the actual play space – yes, there is a smaller kid section but there are no rules about what ages can play on what playground, so bigger kids can infiltrate whatever “toddler-intended space” is there. Most kids were super respectful when we went, but per usual, keep an eye on those little ones. The turf is a little harder than grass so dropping off the monkey bars is a little “owie” (according to my kindergartener). And there is a large climbing rock in the corner that my children loved but I could see littler kiddos going up and not being able to get down or, worse yet, falling off and sustaining actual injury. So heads up for the rock. Ya either love it or ya hate it. 

As far as bringing stuff with you, yes, feel free. There is a pretty massive storage cube area tucked in the back by the bathrooms and they are first come first served and free. Also back there are spots for stroller storage and a coat rack. Just remember, food cannot be consumed IN the K.U.B.E. area but you can enjoy your treats outside in one of the many seating areas. 

The Community Center is a nice size and I desperately wanted to run the track, however keep in mind that children 12 and under must be supervised by an adult at all times in the Community Center. So my husband and I tag-teamed – he got to shoot open gym while I supervised and I did my running while he supervised. Best part was, there are big windows overlooking the K.U.B.E. from the running track so every lap I made, I got to wave and make a fool of myself as my kids waved back and shook their heads in embarrassment. 

Hours and Location

14800 34th Ave. N.  |  Plymouth, MN 55447

The K.U.B.E. is open seven days a week. Hours are subject to change:

  • Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Sunday: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

There is a large and free parking lot right outside the Community Center. When you enter the building, you needn’t stop at the front desk for anything. There is a payment desk immediately outside the doors to the play area, so you can just pay there. 

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