Minnesota Ice Cream

Adventuring is fun in and of itself, right? But let me tell you a little secret…it’s more fun with ice cream. I am pleasantly impressed with the crazy amount of ice cream shops we have in and around the Twin Cities metro. Whether we’re headed north, south, east or west, my family always manages to find a top-notch spot to serve our kids a dish of ice cold happiness! We love them all – some shiny and new, some tried and true – plain and simple or concocted with unique flavors and sprinkled with strange toppings. 

The map and robust list below is meant to serve as your one-stop-snapshot for all the fabulous ice cream options available to us Minnesotans who are just trying to survive a sweltering summer with our kids and our sanity.  

NEW: We are also offering a downloadable and printable Ice Cream Bucket List for your kiddos (or you…no judgment). You can download that HERE.

Be sure to keep on adventuring this summer…but don’t forget the secret ingredient: ICE CREAM! 

Here they are – the best of the best, from the greatest plain vanilla to the oddest concoction of cereals, sprinkles and candy – ice cream is always a win! Enjoy our list of metro favorites, and beyond.

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