Park Series: Brookview Park

Golden Valley, MN

What to expect?

  • Woodchip footing under all playground equipment and rubber as the base for the mister area
  • Bathrooms are located in the pavilion across the large grassy area by the park
  • Plenty of free parking in the lot, and lots of bench seating and some shade
  • A small sand area near the small playground
  • Two separate playgrounds – one bigger and one smaller. The bigger one wasn’t too difficult, even my toddler enjoyed climbing on the ropes and slides of the bigger playground
  • There are 2 different swing areas, both with an accessible swing, regular swings and baby swings available
  • Plenty of garbage cans and a volleyball, basketball and tennis courts
  • Huge grassy areas to run and play and do cartwheels and picnic
  • Couple ponds nearby and located on a busy street, but it’s set in far enough from these things that it wasn’t really a worry for me at all
  • Small path that cruises through Brookview Park in case you want to stroll, scoot or bike
  • The misters will not get you too wet – no need to bring swimsuits or anything. But they provide great relief on hot, hot days because there isn’t a whole lot of shade. Also, there is a button that turns the misters on since they go off automatically after a short bit. The button is located on the silver pole between the two big rocks. 
  • Playground is just down the road from plenty of food options, such as Chipotle, Noodles & Co, Davannis Pizza, Starbucks, Smashburger, Dairy Queen and more
  • If it starts to rain, there’s a couple cool, close indoor options: Golden Valley Library is just down Winnetka across Hwy 55 and Brookview Backyard, a newer large, indoor playground, is just across the golf course and is reasonably priced at only $5/kid.

What to bring?

  • Sand toys for the sand area or the volleyball courts if unoccupied
  • You’re surrounded by grass, so bring a lunch, a blanket, a soccer ball or frisbee and have fun! 
  • Drinks and snacks. There’s some nice picnic tables under a small canopy or you can take a break under one of the pavilions if they aren’t rented out. 
  • Sunscreen on hot days because, while there is a little shade, the playground isn’t fully covered by any means
  • Maybe scooters or bikes to zip around the little path surrounding the golf course
  • There is a volleyball, basketball and tennis court, so if your kids are into that stuff, bring the equipment and play a game
  • The nearby ponds, while blocked by tall grass, are accessible if you find a path. And they often have plenty of ducks. So maybe bring some quartered grapes or frozen corn to toss their way.

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How to get there?

Brookview Park

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Visit the website here.

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