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It’s been a good long time since I’ve truly enjoyed the bouncy-house experience – with a larger age gap between my second and third children, I’ve had to put this on the back burner until my toddler was old enough to truly enjoy a place like this on his own without my needing to hoist him up every inflatable ladder in the joint.

Finally he is old enough – a solid 3.5 years – so we decided to give the bouncy-house adventure another go! KaZoom Playcenter was our location of choice and it…was…awesome. Since I’m on kid #3, I’ve been through the ringer with places like this so can speak to it credibly. They hit ALL my “Big Three” must-haves with zero hesitation: 1) Affordable 2) Clean and 3) Fun (Safe is #4 – it was that as well). I am already looking forward to revisiting KaZoom with the lil guy. It was worth the wait!

kazoom playcenter

kazoom playcenter

What is it?

KaZoom Playcenter is a newly-renovated indoor inflatable play space designed for active kids who love to jump, bounce and slide. Kids enjoy six large inflatables including an obstacle course and two slides. Upon entry, my first thought was, “Wow. This is so open. And clean. And colorful. And, oh crap, my toddler is already trying to climb into that inflatable with his coat and shoes on!” I’ve been to lots of inflatable spots and they often tend to feel cramped and dirty. This one did not. In fact, it won the 2018 Hulafrog “Most Loved Indoor Playplace.” (I had to Google that too, but it’s a great website with lots of family-friendly entertainment ideas). If you have a bounce-off-the-walls kind of kiddo, this place is awesome. Plus they oftentimes offer Groupons and have Toddler Thursdays and Twilight prices! 


kazoom playcenter

kazoom playcenter

Fit for what ages?

Use your own discretion when deciding if your child would be able to handle bouncing in an inflatable on their own without falling over, getting stuck or hurt. The website says it’s designed for ages 1-10 and I feel that’s pretty accurate. It was not busy when I went so the fear of being trampled was lessened. Older siblings (older than 10) are basically considered adults here and can only bounce if they are assisting a younger sibling. Adults can assist younger jumpers in the inflatables if needed. 

There are plenty of bouncy options and lots of space to spread out and run, so not every age needs to be crammed into one or two small bouncers. The obstacle course is good for older kids and there are some tinier slides for toddlers. In the back was a shelf of toys including soft blocks, hard connector blocks and RODY bouncy horses, in case your kid needs a bounce break.

I would definitely have no issue taking my entire trio here and know they would all enjoy it and get our monies worth (ages 3, 7 and 9).

kazoom playcenter

kazoom playcenter

How much are we talkin’?

A normal day admission for kids ages 2-10 is $7 for unlimited play (including the option to leave and come back that same day). Parents are always free and kids under 2 are free if they are accompanied by a paid older sibling. No need to pay online in advance – just fill out the waiver and pay when you arrive.

Want to save some money? KaZoom offers plenty of options to do just that! How? Let me tell you:

· Go on Toddler Thursday if you have a kiddo age 2-4 ($5/kid)

· Go for Twilight Hour, the last hour of jump time before they close ($5/kid)

· Buy Zoom Bucks, a pre-purchased discount card that is good for 10 admissions at a cheaper rate

· Snag a Groupon online if available (5 play passes for $22 or 10 for $43)

· Pick up a punch card so every 7th visit is free!

· Bring 6 or more kids (I dare you!) to get a group discount ($6/kid)

Other items you might purchase while there include socks for $1-3 (if you forget your own – they are required!), snacks and drinks for $1 each (juice boxes, chips, water).

If you need a birthday party idea, this is a wonderful option! I couldn’t believe how affordable the rates were to host a party there (even a PRIVATE one!). Birthday parties range from $75-$125 for the 2-hour room rental and then $7/child. You can host a party during public hours or rent out the entire space. You can book your birthday party right online too.

kazoom playcenter

kazoom playcenter

kazoom playcenter

Want some tips?

The basics you will want to know:

· KaZoom is NOT OPEN on Mondays and Tuesdays

· You don’t buy your passes online, but from the front desk when you get there. You will need to sign one waiver per child upon arrival.

· Socks are REQUIRED! They also sell them at the desk for $1-3.

· This whole place is disinfected daily. Germs can run rampant in these heat-inducing vinyl bubbles, so this fact made me feel a thousand times better. 

· There are two single-stall bathrooms with changing tables near the entrance.

· Weekends can get busy due to birthday parties. Weekdays seemed super dead. It was wonderful! Obviously the crowds are weather-dependent as well, but a “regular” who was there when I visited said she has never seen it with more than 10 kids at a time.

· You can bring in your own food, yup. Be considerate and eat it at the tables near the front. They sell small snacks and juice boxes too for, like, a buck each.

· But do they have free WiFi? Yes. Yes they do.

· There are no secure lockers or anything, but there’s tons of cubbies and a coat rack. 

· Hand sanitizer is available near the dining tables. Yay for disinfection!

· Toddlers ages 2-4 get in for $5 on Toddler Thursday

· If you come an hour before close any night, each child is only $5 (instead of the normal $7)

· Admission covers all day, meaning you can leave and return as long as you let a worker know.

· There are lots of ways to save on admission prices (see the “How Much” section above for a full list)

Overall, KaZoom is an ideal place for young kids with tons of energy. It’s small enough to keep an eye on your children without needing to follow them around like a mama hawk, but big enough that they can bounce (literally) from inflatable to inflatable without immediate boredom. Just like any other play area, parents need to keep an eye on their children – make sure they are respecting the space of other kids and not going up the downs or down the ups. Parents are allowed in the inflatables to assist younger children, as are older siblings (older than 10 are not allowed in the bounce houses unless they are supervising younger siblings).  I did do the slide just for fun when no one was looking, but of course, that’s not allowed and I am confessing and asking you to do as I say…not as I do (but it was fun!)

As an adult, I appreciated the open space, the cleanliness, the price of admission, the ability to bring in our own food, the ample amount of seating and the open layout so I could see everything that was going on. The staff was very sweet too, which was a nice bonus.

The floor was pretty hard – that’s my only knock (which is stretching, let’s be honest). I just worried a tiny bit that my clumsy 3-year old would trip on one of those bounce house flappy doors and fall onto the ground head-first. But of course, that didn’t happen…because I’m a worry wart and only like, .002% of the bad things I think are going to happen actually ever happen.

Birthday parties are affordable here and would be ideal for a group of toddlers or young preschoolers. The party space was big and open and really colorful! They host birthday parties every day of the week. Reservations can be made online on their website here.

kazoom playcenter

kazoom playcenter

Hours and location

1155 Shakopee Town Square  |  Shakopee, MN  55379

KaZoom is located in Shakopee Town Square Mall next to an old, cheap Marcus Theater and a coffee shop. Parking is free and it’s tucked back far from the highway so maybe that’s why it’s not a crazy chaotic location.


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