Park Series: Schaper Park

Golden Valley, MN

What to expect?

  • It’s a “Ninja Park.” At least that’s what my kids call it. At Schaper Park challenges are “intended” for ages 13+, but my 6-year old can rock the whole course in 58 seconds. So, age limit, schmage limit. All abilities and ages welcome. But bigger kids will be more entertained/challenged than little ones.
  • A couple good sized parking lots (that fill up fast during adult softball league nights)
  • Safe turf footing throughout entire park and a a cemented trail (the Luce Line) that leads through the woods (and actually about 60+ miles west)
  • Bathrooms and water fountains available in the small building next to the softball fields (only open seasonally, April through October)
  • Smaller play area for little kids that is basically tiny slides, a bridge and some stairs and other climbers
  • The challenge course includes a number of obstacles based loosely off Conquer Ninja Warrior (but easier – even I can do it) and provides a timer in case you have a competitive edge.
  • The “40-meter dash” track also provides a timer to test your sprint speed (what takes NFL players 4 seconds takes me 9…no surprise there)
  • Softball field directly behind the playground
  • No real shade options other than a couple umbrellas over the little kid area
  • Benches and small “bleachers” for resting your feet
  • Gets SUPER busy during the summer – it’s new and unique so to be expected, but if you want quieter times, try early afternoons or late evenings/dinner times
  • TIP: If you have extra time on your hands, bop across Hwy 55 to Theodore Wirth Park and check out the Quaking Bog!

What to bring?

  • A blanket to lay out if you want to picnic or relax
  • Bikes if you want to do the Luce Line Trail
  • Baseball gear if you want to hit up the field next door
  • Tennis shoes! Tennis shoes! Tennis shoes!
  • Sunscreen/sun hats (it’s only shaded by a couple umbrellas)
  • Water – kids get tired and thirsty here
  • Band-aids. I dunno. Better safe than sorry.

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How to get there?

Schaper Park
631 Ottawa Ave N
Golden Valley, MN 55422
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Visit the website here.

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