Children’s Theatre Company Presents The Grinch

The Children’s Theatre Company (CTC) blows the roof off the holiday season once again with their rendition of Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas. My 8-year old and I attended the show, which runs 1 hour and 50 minutes (including a 15-minute intermission), and it did indeed do the trick of getting us into the holiday spirit.

the grinch
The Cast in How the Grinch Stole Christmas

My son and I love watching the 1966 version of The Grinch – the classic (sorry, Jim Carrey) – every December multiple times, so he was super pumped to be my special date to the CTC – and it definitely held up to the cartoon we all know and love. We saw it early in its run, which I’ve heard is good because the show often sells out, especially around Christmas time. Playing from November 7, 2017 until January 7, 2018, the acting by the man in green was superior and worth the price of admission in and of himself.

Reed Sigmund, an 18 year vet at the CTC, is enjoying his third consecutive year as The Grinch and has perfected the mannerisms that make The Grinch, well, super duper Grinchy. The drumming fingernails, the toothpick chewing, the accent, the facial expressions – all just so on point! And, while the story is told with some evident differences, it fleshes out the storyline in a way that is both creative and entertaining. Old Max the Dog is the narrator (played by Dean Holt), who reminisces on his time with The Grinch as Young Max the Dog (played by the spunky and incredible Natalie Tran). While Max symbolizes Christmas hope and joy, the production also identifies The Grinch’s greatest source of gloom – loneliness (and that his heart is two sizes too small, of course).

the grinch
Natalie Tran as Young Max and Reed Sigmund as The Grinch

I’m not going to lie – my 5-year old daughter changed her mind last minute because she is just the slightest bit afraid of The Grinch, and I’m actually relieved she didn’t come with us. There were moments when I was afraid. Dark music, creepy lighting, a little bit of Willy Wonkaness happening at times…but then I remembered, “Oh yeah, my family is super hypersensitive to people in costume and intense noises.” So I shrugged it off. I’d say this is a family show for ANY age that knows and loves the movie, the characters, bright colors, holiday magic, a good belly laugh and a warm heartfelt start to the holiday season.

the grinch

My son looked at me mid-show and said, “I really want it to be Christmas now.” How’s that for a victory, CTC? Well done, once again. Well done.

Interested in purchasing tickets to see The Grinch at the Children’s Theatre Company? Visit the CTC website to see showtimes or use this link from Simplicity in the Suburbs to save 20% on ticket purchases.

Seeing this show was so very, merry worth it.

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