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“How about trampolines?”  “No.”  “What about animals?” “No.” “Inflatables? Swimming? Donuts?” “No. No. No.”

Deciding on a birthday party destination with my five-year old daughter is worse than pulling teeth. She’s interested in nothing and everything at the same time. As our conversation headed down a dead end street, I suggested one more idea…”ART! What about art?” And finally, we found our theme. With one simple phone call, we also found our place – Kidcreate Studio in Eden Prairie was going to host a dozen of her friends for one wild and crazy art party! There’s a ton of options for kid’s classes and parties out there, so I was curious to see how Kidcreate Studio would stack up…especially with my fussy little art-lover.

Let me tell you – it was flawless, simple and FUN. Even Captain Picky-Pants had the best time ever!

KidCreate Studios

What is it?
Kidcreate Studio opened its doors in 2008 by mom, art-lover and founder Lara Olson. The Eden Prairie studio was a huge success, leading her to open a Woodbury location in 2013. In 2015, she opened up franchising opportunities across the states in hopes that her businesses will help bridge the gap between art and education since art has (sadly) become one of the first programs getting cut when cuts need to be made. To hear this made my heart smile. Kids and creativity should go hand-in-hand and I highly respect her for following her passion and trying to spread this idea nationally.

The studio specializes in art classes, camps and art themed birthday parties for kid’s ages 18 months through 12 years. The goal of their curriculum is to build self-esteem, have fun and make all sorts of “I did it” memories. What’s really cool about Kidcreate is the vast selection of art offerings. In addition to classes and parties, they have many private group options, on-the-go classes, and drop-off classes (can you say “date night?”). Kidcreate teachers are available to visit daycares, community education courses, outreach programs, homeschool groups, and so much more. Their online calendar is robust and filled to the brim with special, unique projects and events.

The studio is a-dorable! Like, I want whoever did the decorating to come design my kid’s bedrooms. The brightly-painted walls, huge glass windows, open space, cleanliness and natural light make it feel far bigger than it really is. The small shopping area directly inside the door is filled with sample projects and purchasable art goods. But the studio area takes up the remaining lay of the land. Two long tables covered in supplies, a cozy sitting corner (with a live bird), a couple clean-up stations, and a bathroom fill the studio space very nicely, allowing for wide walkways for parents and teachers to roam and “ooh” and “aahh” at their children’s work.

KidCreate Studios

Fit for what ages?
Kidcreate Studio is designed to suit a wide variety of ages, specifically 18 months through 12 years. Each class or camp is assigned an age range, listed right in the description so it’s easy to find one that works for your child. I love that their classes span a few years so my two oldest kids can take a class together.

The birthday parties are suitable for kids ages 3 to 12, since a lot of the projects are slightly more complicated and following directions in a group is important. However, we had a couple toddlers running around our party and they really enjoyed drawing on the tables (it’s allowed, don’t worry) and playing with the buckets of toys in the listening corner. They certainly did not take part in the whole “put on your listening ears” teacher talk because, well, they don’t have listening ears yet.

Everything is at a nice low level, including the seating and even the potty. The birthday child selects a project ahead of time and those are divvied out by age too. My daughter’s pom pom gumball machine was categorized as a “Preschool” project, but we had grade schoolers there who really enjoyed making it their own too. Obviously, the older the child, the more complicated the project. So, no matter the age of your children, the teachers and curriculum are fit to match their skill and maturity levels.

KidCreate Studios

KidCreate Studios

How much are we talkin’?
Because Kidcreate Studio serves a wide range of ages and levels, their prices are also all over the board. But in general, weekly classes range between $50-$100. One-time classes and drop-off classes run about $30 on average. If you have siblings in the same class, there is usually a sibling discount offered (sometimes 50% off).

Birthday parties at the Eden Prairie studio range from $275 to $325, depending on the number of guests. You can add party time or extra guests for additional fees, or you can save $50 by scheduling a weekday party (vs. a weekend). You can bring in your own food and cake and all clean-up is done by staff.  I found the price to be steep for a 90 minute party, but everyone gets to keep their project and the staff and space are just super nice.

There is a lifetime membership you can purchase for $125 so if you think you’d be a regular visitor, the membership will save you plenty of money on classes and parties (10% to be exact) with a number of other benefits as well. You can also come in for one FREE class to try it out and see if it would be fitting for your child.

And be warned – there are arts and crafts for sale that your child will want-want-want at the entrance of the store. Depending on how good you are at saying “no,” you could be walking out with less money in your pockets than expected.

KidCreate Studios

KidCreate Studios

Want some tips?
Well, the party for our little art-lover was a huge success! Art is one of her favorite leisure activities and it felt much more controlled, quiet and contained than some of those big, loud “will-my-kid-break-her-leg” types of party venues. The teachers were patient and sweet and really good with the children. They made the party run smoothly and kept the kids on track and focused without being pushy or making them feel hurried. I know it’s a lot of money for a party, but it really was SO easy for this mama to plan…and sometimes that’s worth a few bucks.

For parties, you can bring in your own food and open presents right on site. Parties are 90 minutes long, but you can pay extra to stay longer if you’d like. You will have the whole place to yourself too, which is nice. Oh, and it’s a nut-free zone, so leave the peanut butter cupcakes at home – please be considerate about following this rule.

Whether you are partying or attending a class or camp, you’ll want to dress for a mess. Whether it’s paint, glue or glitter, your kid is bound to come home covered in something, right? Even though aprons are provided, it’s always a good idea to sport a comfy, inexpensive shirt that isn’t a favorite and can go in the garbage can should it come to that.

KidCreate Studios

Not sure what to do with your kids during a school break or summer vacation? Consider signing them up for one of the crazy fun camps offered by Kidcreate Studio. While they’re usually not full days, it’s an entertaining way to spend a few hours every day for awhile.

Looking to see what’s available? They have a nice landing page with all your options of what’s available (so select either Workshops or Camps or Weekly Classes, etc. Plus, you can search by age. Time Saverrrrr!!!!

Other enjoyable options for parents (check the calendar to see if these are available) include: a drop-off Date Night; Mommy’s Time Off; or Studio Time (which is basically just open studio where you and your child can create together and you can come and go as you please).

Gift cards are available for purchase if you have a super crafty niece or something who would love an experience gift for her birthday. There’s nothing better than buying a gift that creates memories!

Oh, and Kidcreate Studio offers what they call a “Scholarship Program.” Basically, you can receive a 25% reduction rate on fees if you qualify for the free or reduced lunch program through your local school district. Just email them to apply for this program.

The studio sits in a small row of businesses right off Hwy 212 in Eden Prairie. The parking lot is sufficient in size and free, plus there’s a cute little coffee shop/burger bar (yes, coffee and burgers) just a few feet away. The inside of the studio is bright and cheerful and super duper colorful. And CLEAN. Just oh-so clean! It’s not a huge space, but it serves its purpose nicely with the space that it does have. This was a winner in our book!

KidCreate Studios

KidCreate Studios

Hours and location
7918 Mitchell Rd  |  Eden Prairie, MN 55344
1785 Radio Drive, Suite F  |  Woodbury, MN 55125

The studio does not have open hours. They are “open” when classes, camps or parties are taking place. So sign up today and enjoy letting your little ones get messy and have fun!


Be sure to follow Kidcreate Studio on Facebook to see announcements for summer camps, school break day camps and workshops, arts and crafts ideas to do with your littles at home, savings and discounts, and all their upcoming unique event listings (seriously…there’s something for everyone). Their blog is also pretty fun to follow if you need some artsy reading: www.kidcreatestudio.com/kidcreate-blog/

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary party from KidCreate Studio in exchange for my time sharing this post. All thoughts are my own.

KidCreate Studios

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