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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Winter gets long. And our patience levels get short. And kids get crazy while parents get lethargic. It’s just the way of the Minnesota world. That’s why I’m forever thankful for places like Edinborough Park in Edina. The park offers so much more than just its indoor climbing structure (which, at 40+ feet tall, would already be more than enough). It also includes an open gym, bounce house, scooters, basketball hoops, a swimming pool, an amphitheater, a small cafe and a toddler area. For one admission price, my kids run and slide and jump here until their little legs feel like they’re going to fall off, and as a parent, I can choose to watch from the bleachers or play with them until my legs feel like they’re going to fall off too. Worth noting: You can make or break an adventure here depending on the busyness level of the park. If it’s too busy, brace yourself for noise, chaos and frustration. If it’s quiet and empty, it’s one of my favorite winter spots in the entire city!


What is it?

Edinborough Park is a one-acre indoor park that offers multiple play options for little ones. There is “The Great Hall,” or as my kids call it, “The Open Gym,” where they can shoot hoops, bounce in the moonwalk, fly by on scooters and run, run, and run some more. “Adventure Peak” is one of the largest and highest play structures in the country where kids can crawl up through tight spaces, walk across nets, climb through tunnels, whiz down slides of all heights, and ascend the 30-foot oak tree. In a separate section of Adventure Peak lies the “Toddler Area” for ages 4 and under where even the tiniest toddler can climb, crawl, bounce and slide in a safe, gated area just for them without fear that older ones will tripping all over them. I remember loving this area when my kids were too small to venture way up high solo and mama needed a break from accompanying them. Everything’s padded and sanitized daily, making this a great, comfortable option during quieter times. But during peak play hours, yikes! Just…yikes!


Fit for what ages?

Age is the reason Edinborough has multiple play areas. Let me break it down for you:

Adventure Peak (the huge climbing structure) is great for kids who are either older than four or completely fearless. Also, parents must be comfortable with the idea of having literally no idea where in this tubular concoction their children might be at any given time. My kids are both very hesitant to be out of eyesight of mom and dad so it wasn’t until just recently that they ventured up solo. They are four and six and they stuck together, which made me feel better in general. Short legs might struggle hiking up some of the taller steps but with a parents’ help, they will love it once they get up there – so many slides and swivels and various tunnels. Best part of Adventure Peak is that it is completely enclosed and kids can’t escape unless parents are completely oblivious to the world around them.


The Toddler Area is also in the enclosed area, fenced off directly behind the huge peak for older kids. This area clearly marks that it’s for ages four and under (parents are allowed of course). Toddlers and even new crawlers will enjoy this small padded space with a tiny slide and manageable ramp. There is also a smaller bounce house built in to the bottom of the peak that is reserved for kids under 46 inches – a great option for littler ones with tons of energy.

While I’m not sure spending the money for just a tiny toddler to buzz around the toddler area is worth it, if you have a couple kids ranging in age and ability, Adventure Peak is an awesome option!

The Great Hall is slightly more geared towards kids ages three to eight maybe. With wooden floor, basketball hoops being low but not too low and the riding scooters flying crazy fast – it’s just not the safest place to put a toddler down if you’re hoping to remain injury-free.


How much are we talkin?

If you’re planning on just hitting up Adventure Peak and the Great Hall, price per kid is $7. Adults and kids under one are free. If your kids like to swim, there is an open swim schedule available and for $12 you can do the play area + the pool. If you just want to do the pool, cost is $7/person.

If you fall in love after you visit, check out their multi-admission pass or an annual membership. For $60, you can buy a play park pass for ten visits to the play areas. Play park annual memberships are also available for $110/child (discounts given for each additional kid).

Forgot socks? For $2.50, they sell ’em at the front desk. There are concessions and vending machines available as well so bring cash in case hunger or thirst kicks in (and doesn’t it always when children are involved?).

Birthday parties are available at Edinborough Park too for as low as $100. Just think how thankful your guests’ parents would be when you send their kids home completely wiped out!


Want some tips?

Per usual for indoor playgrounds, bring socks (even adults who want to play). If you want to store your items in a locker (and not just in one of the cubbies under the bleachers in Adventure Peak), bring quarters ($.50/locker). Wristbands must be worn to play, but they have never actually checked this any time I’ve been there.

There is plenty of seating in Adventure Peak for adults, but do be warned: Field trips are common all months of the year here, so heads up (unless you really love field trips). Weekdays are relatively quiet, as are Sunday mornings. Saturdays are easily the craziest day of the week.

There are plenty of vending machines available as well as a cafe upstairs that serves real food and drink. While you can’t bring refreshments into the play area or the gym, there are a number of tables to enjoy dining upstairs by the cafe. We like to pack a lunch and enjoy that for free when the kiddos need a play break. Be sure to use some of the hand sanitizer that is readily available throughout the park.


Open Gym and Adventure Peak are always open simultaneously. The gym has seating and this is where the bathrooms are located too (one on each side of the gymnasium). Because it’s an indoor park, it can get hot, especially for kids who are running and climbing and jumping for hours on end. Dress them lightly, even in the winter months. There are coat racks in the main area at the bottom of the stairs.

Come ready to play! Unless you’re bringing big kids who are comfortable navigating the tunnels solo, wear comfortable pants so you can climb the tubes with the little ones. There is a surprising amount of room in there for adults to move around and it’s actually super duper fun! If you do send younger ones up by themselves, it can be tricky to find them or direct them should they get lost or scared up there. The toddler area isn’t huge, but it’s big enough to hold plenty of toddlers AND they get their own bouncy house specially marked for kids under 46″.

There is also a beautiful amphitheater that hosts live music, dance, theater and visual arts performances, including family movie nights and kid-friendly shows. The full schedule is online here.

Have a kid with a winter birthday? This place is perfect for those with an energy level as high as Adventure Peak. There are tables and chairs set aside in a separate area that overlooks the Peak designated for parties. Birthday party prices range from $100 to $160 and accommodate up to 20 people. Get more details on their website.

Yes, there is also a swimming pool and track but they are not included in the park admission rate. The pool has open swim hours (be sure to check their website for an updated schedule) and costs $7/person, which is totally worth it when it’s -10° outside and the pool sits comfortably at 82° all year round. If you want to swim AND play, that is an option for $12/person but you better have some super energetic kiddos to make that worth the money. Mine get tired after 60 minutes of climbing. Annnnnd, it’s glorious!


Hours and Location

7700 York Ave S  |  Edina, MN 55435


9 a.m. – 9 p.m. – Monday through Saturday
9 a.m. – 6 p.m. – Sunday

Pool & Track
5:30 a.m. – 9 p.m. – Monday through Friday
7:45 a.m. – 9 p.m. – Saturday
9 a.m. – 6 p.m. – Sunday

Check for holiday hours online here.

There is a free parking ramp that leads to the park entrance. The park is tucked inside a building that resembles an apartment and it can be easy to overlook.


Follow Edinborough Park on Facebook to find out about upcoming special events (they host a great Breakfast with Santa and NYE party), holiday hours, movie nights, concerts, giveaway contests and more.

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