Peter Pan Flies High at the Children’s Theatre Company

peter pan

I’ll admit it – Peter Pan is right up there with Dumbo and Bambi when it comes to Disney-movies-I’d-rather-not-spend-time-watching, but thanks to Jake and the Neverland Pirates and the hilarity of Captain Hook and Tic-Toc-Croc, my son was super excited to see Peter Pan live in living color on our date night to the Children’s Theatre Company. You guys…SO much better than the movie! With an updated script and score, I was captivated from the very first scene. If you have a child who totally digs pirates, flying and the ideas of fantasy, magic, and imagination, the Children’s Theatre Company’s production of Peter Pan is an absolute must-see!

My son is almost six, and I thought that age fit the bill quite nicely. I’m not sure a much younger crowd would’ve maintained interest (especially through the slower songs and some of the drawn-out narration). Plus, it was two hours long. That’s a large chunk of time for any child – and some adults – to sit still.

So, what did my kid love about the show?

  • The Flying. The flying wasn’t cheesy at all. It was gracefully and acrobatically done, and while yes, you could see the wires clear as day, you find yourself too distracted by Peter’s sky-flips and air-somersaults to even care.
  • The Comedy. When Peter tries to reattach his shadow using great physical comedy, when Captain Hook sits on a steaming hot rock, when Smee does, well, virtually anything. The show’s cute-and-quick sparks of humor were well-spaced and nicely delivered.
  • The Sword Fights and Chase Scenes. I know, I know…every little boy is going to say this was his favorite part, but really, the choreography of the fighting was so fun to watch. All I could do was think about how athletic these little actors are and how I would’ve been out of breath 30 seconds in.
  • Intermission. What kid doesn’t love an intermission? Snacks, drinks, and a little shopping area (where of course, we had to buy a stuffed animal completely unrelated to Peter Pan). This much-needed break gives kiddos a chance to stretch their legs and ask any questions they have about the show, since it is a pretty long one.
  • The End. Tic-Toc-Croc makes his first and only appearance – in and out with a bang and confetti! He talked about the ending the whole car ride home. That definitely counts for something.

peter pan

And what did mom love about the show?

  • Wendy and Peter. I know my six-year old was far too young to pick up on the confusion of Wendy’s repeated advances toward Peter, but it was done with such innocence and saccharine, it had me smiling the whole time. And don’t even get me started on Wendy’s singing voice. Alanna Saunders absolutely nails it! Peter, played by Tyler Michaels, has more energy than any human being should have and it fit his role as Pan to a T. He flies and flips and smiles – literally for two hours straight. Obviously, this works wonders in front of an audience of small kids. Bravo to the cast! I loved it.
  • The Persona of Tiger Lily. In this rendition of Peter Pan, Tiger Lily is an English-speaking warrior leader of her all-girl tribe, The Pounce. The way she soared around the stage with confidence and strength really put a nice spin on the original Peter Pan’s portrayal of women. Although yes, Wendy is still used strictly as a fair-maiden mother figure, Tiger Lily balances that out quite nicely.
  • The Artistic Director. The staging, the costumes, the lighting. Just awesome and eye-catching. Anything this Artistic Director had a hand in, I enjoyed thoroughly.
  • The Song Right Before Intermission. I love me a good song that gets stuck in my head for days. I was shocked to discover that Peter Pan had quite a few of these. But the one that plays right before intermission is top-notch.

peter pan

A couple noteworthy items to read before going:

  • There were a couple times during the show when things moved realllllly slowly, so prepare for your child to squirm a bit.
  • It took my son awhile to pick up on the subtle British accent. That made the beginning difficult because the first 20 minutes or so is spent conversing in Wendy’s bedroom. Thank goodness for Peter’s energetic vocal to break up that time.
  • The end gets a little dark. Captain Hook busts out a bomb and a few of his crew members get killed (off-stage, nothing shown), but the surprise arrival of Tic-Toc-Croc makes up for it.
  • The last scene was far too confusing for my child. I mean, I understood that Wendy was now older, a mother with a child of her own, but I’m not sure it was done with enough transition for tiny minds to fully comprehend. Not that they need to. All I know is, if I were Wendy, there’s no way in H-E-double-hockey-sticks I’d send my kid off with Peter after the experiences they had in Neverland. But, this is the same family who let their dog babysit three kids.

Peter Pan runs through June 21, 2015 and tickets are still available. Visit the Children’s Theatre Company website for more information or to purchase tickets online. It’ll be a date night you won’t soon forget!

Disclaimer: I received two tickets to the Children’s Theatre Company Peter Pan performance in exchange for my time sharing this post. All thoughts are my own.

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