Strollers Strides: A Must-Try Twin Cities Class!

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stroller strides


Are you a busy new mom trying to shed the extra baby weight but have every excuse not to go to the gym?  Maybe you can’t afford it.  Maybe you aren’t ready to leave your precious baby quite yet.  Maybe it bores you to death to spend an hour on a treadmill running in place.  Fear not – Stroller Strides to the rescue!

Stroller Strides is a fun 60-minute, full-body workout program that you and baby can attend, keeping your baby entertained and keeping you motivated and feeling great.  According to the Fit4Mom website, “Stroller Strides is way more than a walking club. It is a 60-minute full-body, interval-based workout consisting of aerobic, strength and balance exercises using your stroller, the environment, and resistance bands (provided).”

The classes are led by nationally-certified instructors and the bonus is that your child is right there with you for the ride! The classes are structured so that moms can make babies happy without missing out on the workout. All fitness levels are welcome. You create your preferred level of intensity.

stroller strides

I’ll be honest…I was a little hesitant when I first heard about this program.  “Can I really get a good workout while catering to my baby at the same time? What if my baby screams the whole time, or can’t sit still? Will it be worth my drive? Is this, like, a club of super fit moms, and I’ll be the one lagging behind?”  These were just a few of the thoughts running through my head.

Well, YES, you can get a great workout. The children are so entertained and stimulated with songs and movement, they won’t have time to get crabby (and if they do, the instructor will literally hold them, bounce them, do whatever to calm them, so you can still focus on your workout.)

YES, it was worth the drive. I sweated, I struggled, I felt the burn, and I woke up the next morning sore and wanting to go again.

And lastly, NO, I was not lagging behind.  It was a smaller group with moms of all shapes and sizes. I was encouraged to go at my own pace and met some really cool local moms with super cute kiddos at the same time.

After I left my first class, I felt encouraged to bring my toddler along for the next time. Those of us with more than one kiddo at home – you can bring everyone! Many brave moms bring their baby and toddler, double-stroller style.  I was impressed with how the toddlers were super entertained, even cheering their moms on.  It was just the cutest!

stroller strides

A few things to make note of:  Don’t forget a mat/towel/blanket for stretching at the end of each class, as well as toys or snacks for your kiddos while they enjoy the songs, music, finger play, and games. Also, jeans and sandals probably isn’t the best attire for this class. You guys, it is a real workout, so dress accordingly…and bring a water bottle for in between thigh-burning lunges.  The class is held indoors only if it is below 40 degrees outside. The weather is always unpredictable in this lovely state, so make sure to check their Facebook page each morning by 8 a.m. to confirm class location! After the workout, I enjoyed chatting with other moms over coffee and downtime.  Stroller Strides classes meet at malls or out at parks so there is time afterward for chit-chat and play time. What? Adult interaction while my kids play? With coffee in hand?  I’m in!

So how much are we talking?  Good news! The first three classes are FREE! This way, you can try it out and see if you like it. If you decide to go more than three times, the cost is $18 per class. A membership costs $59 per month, or you can register for 10 classes at $119.

If you are interested in a Stroller Strides class, make sure you check the schedule and register here first!

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