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wild rumpus minneapolis



I don’t know about you, but there’s not a lot of moments that make me prouder as a mother than when I watch my kids thumb through the pages of book. Since my son started kindergarten this year, he can now actually read them too, which brings my pride to a whole new level. The amazement in their eyes as they turn each colorful page and follow the story with the anticipation of what will happen next? I could watch that for hours. Yup. Hours. That’s why I’m such a huge fan of libraries. And small publishers. And actual, real-live book stores.

There is a little book store in the Linden Hills district of Minneapolis that guarantees the opportunity to see that glee and excitement in the eyes of my children. But it’s not only because of their rows and rows of children’s books. It’s also because of their free-roaming chickens. And their oversized, painted wooden reading chairs. And their cuddly, sun-loving cats. And their kid-sized doorway. And their tarantula. Yup, their big, hairy tarantula. My kids go crazy in this store because their imaginations soar through the (beautifully-decorated) ceiling.

This store is Wild Rumpus. And it’s positively amazing.

wild rumpus minneapolis

What is it?

Wild Rumpus is a small, unique book shop for kids in the Linden Hills district of Minneapolis, whose theme is based from the book The Salamander Room by Ann Mazer, where the outside world connects with the inside. The store ceiling opens up into a sky through muralesque paintings and cracks on the walls, giving the shop a feeling of inside/outside interchangeability. And what better way to represent the outside than the use of live animals? Yup, they have those. Chickens and cats roam freely, while kids can admire birds, chinchillas, mice, and their famous hairy tarantula who answers to the name Thomas Jefferson from the safe distance of a cage. The rows and rows of books are sectioned well by age and interest and you can’t help but curl into one of the comfy couches for a read-aloud with your kiddos.

wild rumpus minneapolis

Fit for what ages?

Wild Rumpus is for the young and the young at heart. While they do have some books for adults, a majority of the store is geared towards children. From board books to teen drama, it runs the gamut as far as book selection goes. I take my three-year old here often for a simple, free morning adventure because the entertainment of reading is a beautiful thing, but she really loves petting those kitties. They also offer a Monday morning story time for kids (I’d say ages five and under) at 10:30am.

wild rumpus minneapolis

wild rumpus minneapolis

How much are we talkin?

Petting chickens? Free. Reading books in the giant lawn chair? Free. Parking? Free. Cozying up with your favorite little people on the worn-in couch in the back corner? Priceless (but also, Free). It’s a book store, so you’re only paying for what you’re buying. Their books are all sold for their cover price, so they aren’t necessarily “cheap,” but it’s a great place to find unique titles on a variety of topics. There is, however, a recycled books section in the back with clearance books to pick up for cheap.

wild rumpus minneapolis

wild rumpus minneapolis

Want some tips?

Every Monday morning at 10:30am, Wild Rumpus hosts a kids book reading called Tail Time. It’s definitely the busiest story time I’ve ever attended, but if you get there early enough to find a spot, your kids will enjoy themselves.

The books seem to be categorized by age group. My little girl stops by the board books and my son heads straight to Pete the Cat. Know what I like about this place so much? They are 100% used to kids ripping books off the shelf, reading them, and forming a littered book trail through the store. The workers seem to be pleased as punch to just see kids reading and they will happily place the books back in their spot if parents are MIA.

There is an in-store bathroom as well as chairs, tables and reading lamps so find a good place to rest your rump and read to your children. My kids could rotate from rug to rug all day long and read until they go cross-eyed. There are a couple of discount shelves against the back wall by the birds that (if you’re anything like me) you steer your kids towards when it’s time to pick out the book they’d like to buy.

Parking isn’t pleasant but it’s free on the street and once you find your spot, you can spend hours roaming the entire area. Check out a post I wrote on the entire Linden Hills experience, which includes Wild Rumpus, Creative Kidstuff, Heartfelt Crafts, Great Harvest Bread, Dunn Brothers and Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream.

wild rumpus minneapolis

Hours and Location

2720 W 43rd St  |  Minneapolis, MN 55410

Hours (open 7 days a week):
Monday  10am – 5pm
Tuesday  10am – 8pm
Wednesday 10am – 8pm
Thursday 10am – 8pm
Friday 10am – 8pm
Saturday  10am – 5pm
Sunday  12pm – 5pm


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