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I really want to love crafting with my kids at home. Wrapping things in pipe cleaners, cutting up felt and gluing beads and sequins all over the…kitchen table. Save money on the Clorox and take your kids crafting at the adorable Linden Hills shop – Heartfelt. This charming store is filled with costumes and art supplies sure to get the creative juices flowing in even the youngest of crafters. And with drop-in craft time offered during all open hours, I’ve officially packed up our drawer of pipe cleaners and sequins because – let’s be honest – I have a soft spot for our kitchen table and scratching superglued sequin beads off of it with what little fingernails I have is not my idea of a good time. This is what Heartfelt was made for. My kitchen table. Oh, and crafting for kids. But also, my kitchen table. 😉

Heartfelt Crafts Minneapolis

What is it?

Heartfelt is a one-of-a-kind arts and crafts shop in the central shopping area of Linden Hills in Minneapolis near Lake Harriet. With a focus on wool and felt, Heartfelt sells natural gifts, toys and handmade outfits for children as well as provides drop-in craft time and scheduled classes for all ages. The natural setting – including a large treehouse built into the back of the store – along with that “comfort of home” feeling gives visitors a sense of warmth that makes you just want to settle in, slow down, and build, create or play. Owner Lisa MacMartin says her shop is all about giving us “the chance to step away from the real busy world that we all have, work with our hands and gather in community around crafting.” Even though I am not much of a successful crafter myself (in my college theater costume design class, I literally sewed my shirt sleeves together), I am a huge advocate for the concept of using creativity to escape from reality for a bit, and that’s just what Heartfelt accomplishes.

Heartfelt Crafts Minneapolis

Fit for what ages?

Crafting at Heartfelt is good for ages three and up. Children under age three will still have fun playing in the treehouse and checking out some toys and costumes, but steer them away from the crafts. With small beads and other mess-conducive items, you’ll want to save this adventure for your preschooler or older. Be sure to check the project list to decide if it is suitable for your child. Preschool classes (for ages 2.5 to 5) are offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:30-11:30am for $15. These courses are listed on their website and their monthly newsletter gives specific ages for each craft option.

Heartfelt Crafts Minneapolis

How much are we talkin?

Heartfelt offers all kinds of structured classes, school release day activities, preschool classes, and even drop-in crafts for a variety of costs ranging from $5 – $44. Birthday party packages start at $149. Check out their current list of monthly programs on their website homepage and be sure to sign up for the monthly email newsletters. Crafts change each month and are frequently based on themes of the current season and holidays. Preschool classes (for ages 2.5 to 5) are offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10:30-11:30am for $15 per child and $10 for each additional child. You can also schedule crafts by appointment such as felting or knitting, ranging around $40/class.

It’s certainly not as cheap as pipe cleaners and glue from the big box craft store, but if you’re in it for the experience, this place is the surefire winner.

Heartfelt Crafts Minneapolis

Heartfelt Crafts Minneapolis

Want some tips?

The bathrooms in this shop are right behind the shop in the back area. Quarters are tight, so try to leave the stroller at home. Don’t send a kid up that treehouse unless you’re sure they can get down on their own because, man, I may not be tall but it sure hurts to go in there to fetch a little one. My favorite time to visit Heartfelt is when I can be one-on-one with one of my children. It gives us time to focus on each other, create together and talk while making something beautiful that they can call their own. It’s also something that is very much enjoyed with a couple of their friends. After we’re finished, we love to stroll Linden Hills, visiting Creative Kidstuff and Wild Rumpus then grabbing Great Harvest bread for the next morning’s breakfast. Read all about this lovely area in my post: My Favorhood: Linden Hills.

For more complex crafts, such as the fairy treehouse or paper mache workshops, or to schedule a weekend preschool class, call 612.877.8090 and book an appointment. Heartfelt will even help inspire your student’s school project should you not fit that “art project parent” niche very well. (No judgement – see above re: sewing sleeves together. Seriously. #CraftFail every time.)

Some nice options for birthday parties are also available – check them out online. I’m seriously considering this for my daughter’s winter party next season because $149 couldn’t get you very far at any local play place and Heartfelt engages their minds, which I love!

While my kindergartener will probably veer more towards Lego or soccer camps this summer, so many little ones love the summer camps offered by Heartfelt. Camps are divided by age range and discounts are given to families who sign up multiple children. Kids can choose a themed camp (such as critters, dolls, fairies and more), but be sure to sign up early.

If you run with a circle of fellow felt-lovers, be sure to watch online for Girls Nights Out or miscellaneous workshops (such as Yellow Light, Write) and classes hosted at the store. Crafting’s not just for kids!

In the warmer months, Heartfelt hosts a booth at the Linden Hills Farmers Market with on-site crafts for kiddos and information available. The Market is held outdoors in the Linden Hills Settergren’s Hardware parking lot every Sunday, 9am-1pm, from June through October and then moves indoors to the beautiful Sunnyside Gardens.

Heartfelt Crafts Minneapolis

Hours and Location

4306 Upton Avenue South  |  Minneapolis, MN 55410
Monday–Saturday   10am–5pm
Sunday   Noon–4pm

The store is located mid-hill on Upton Avenue, across the street from Creative Kidstuff and Sebastian Joe’s ice cream. Parking is free on the street (and rumor has it, you can park in the building complex lot behind Heartfelt too) and is usually readily available on weekdays. Weekends get a little trickier, and summer months are especially crowded since this area is set directly alongside the gorgeous Lake Harriet.

While in Linden Hills, be sure to check out these other can’t-miss, kid-friendly places.


Follow Heartfelt on their very active Facebook page to see an up-to-date list of monthly or seasonal projects, fun photos of cute little crafters, workshop and women’s night announcements, and weekly preschool projects.

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