Malt-Tees Mini Golf & Pumpkin Patch

malt tees mini golf and pumpkin patch



So, I love fall. My husband loves biking. My son loves mini golf. And my daughter loves bounce houses. But, where oh where could you find all of these very specific loves in one place? I know! Pick me! I know I know! We found it! It’s a little Pumpkin Patch in Richfield run by Wheel Fun Rentals that offers a reasonably-priced way to spend a sunny Fall weekend afternoon. In one small corner of Veteran’s Memorial Park off Portland Avenue, a Pumpkin Patch adventure is set up during Fall months with activities including hay rides, bounce houses, and mini golf. You can also rent a surrey bike and cycle down the quiet, beautiful trail tucked behind the golf course, surrounded by trees, water and cat tails. It’s a lovely spot to get in your few hours of fall outdoorsy adventure time.

malt tees mini golf and pumpkin patch

What is it?

Wheel Fun Rentals’ Richfield location sets up a pumpkin patch annually in Veteran’s Memorial Park, perfect for kids and parents who get overwhelmed by the idea of “too much.” This little piece of land is covered with inflatables, pumpkins and pretty fall photo opportunities. For a flat wristband fee, you can access unlimited bouncing, a round of mini golf, some kiddie games and a hayride – plus you can pick the pumpkin of your choosing (and there’s a lot to choose from). The actual Malt-Tees golf course is open from May through October, but the pumpkin patch is only around September through October (weekends only). The 9-hole mini golf course is not what I would call “challenging,” but is fun nonetheless. You cross bridges, putt over waterfalls and shoot balls into tubes. I don’t know that I would spend the nearly $8 to golf it, but with the pumpkin patch package, it’s worth it. Next to the golf course is a small food stand which sells hot dogs, nachos, malts, coffees, floats and cones with a couple indoor tables and a few more outside. And before you even enter the fenced-in pumpkin patch area, there’s a nice playground to burn whatever energy they might have left. Though it’s right off the highway, once you’re in the park, you couldn’t feel farther from the hustle and bustle of the metro. Three cheers for greenery!

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malt tees mini golf and pumpkin patch

Fit for what ages?

If you trust your kids to jump in inflatables with some potentially-crazy kids and shoot a round of basic-as-it-comes mini golf, you shouldn’t have any complaints about your time spent here. The surrey bike rentals are fun for anyone who can sit unassisted (but will cost extra). Grab one with a basket in the front for the little ones, put on your helmet and go for a fun little ride through nature. Older kids will enjoy the mini golf and the hayride and (if you choose to do the) bike rentals. Plus, who doesn’t like ice cream? They definitely have ice cream. Toddlers will like just running around the park so if you have a bunch of toddlers who don’t care about pumpkins or hayrides or mini golf, just hit up the Veteran’s Park playground right outside the pumpkin patch. They’ll like that better anyway and there’s no charge until you walk into the pumpkin patch fenced-in area.

malt tees mini golf and pumpkin patch

How much are we talkin?

While Malt-Tees mini golf and the ice cream shop can get a little pricey on their own in the summer, the Pumpkin Patch experience can be a deal if you find a discount, which is pretty easy to do. The attractions include surrey rentals (not included in wristband fee), hay rides, obstacle courses, and bounce houses. Plus, each wristband option comes with a pumpkin. There are a couple payment options (updated 2018):

  • Wristband Option A includes 1 pie-pumpkin, 1 round of 9-hole of Mini Golf, 1 hay ride, and unlimited inflatables and costs $10 (ages 2-17) or $7 (ages 17+). 2 and under free with paying adult.
  • Wristband Option B includes 1 pie-pumpkin, 1 hay ride, and unlimited inflatables (so NO mini golf) and costs $8 (ages 2-17) or $5 (ages 17+). 2 and under free with paying adult.
  • You can also choose to simply pay-by-attraction, but if you’re trying to tire out the kiddos, the wristband options are the way to go. Individually, I just don’t think you’d get as much bang for your buck. Surrey bike rentals range in price from $15-35.

See note below in the Tips section about online discount sites.

malt tees mini golf and pumpkin patch

Want some tips?

We always mini golf first because that is hardest to do when kids are getting exhausted. The golf course is incredibly simplistic, so even our two-year old enjoyed a game (at her own pace with her own set of mad skillz). Then we bounce like crazy and do the inflatable slide and obstacle course a couple hundred times. Wear socks for all the bounce houses and inflatables. If you decide to spend the extra $$ on a surrey bike rental (they really ARE super fun), keep an eye on the line so you can time your ride without waiting around for one to be available. We squeeze in our surrey rental after bouncing because it’s calming for little ones and, if your kids are anything like mine, they make you do all the pedal work anyway. The ride involves a few small hills, and is mostly along the water surrounded by changing leaves. Not too shabby. When everyone’s exhausted (and you will be, parents. It’s a lot of work peddling those massive objects up and down hills), grab an ice cream cone and a pumpkin and be on your merry way.

The years we have gone, I can tell you there is definitely something to be said for going early. We went at opening (10am), and by the time we were leaving, there was a line to get in and the bounce house was a zoo of children – no thank you!

There are restrooms inside the malt shop, and credit cards are accepted. Bring your camera – with all the hay stacks and corn stalks, sunflowers and pumpkins, you’d really regret missing out on some prime fall photo opps.

MONEY SAVER: Around September, keep your eyes peeled for the annual Groupon deal. If you can snag it, it’s awesome! With the deal, $20 gets our family four pumpkins, a round of golf, hay ride, access to inflatables and games and a surrey bike rental (obviously this can change year-to-year, so don’t hold me to that). The bike rental is always our favorite part because the trail you bike along is gorgeous in all its fall-colored glory and it definitely gets you your daily exercise. Follow my Facebook page to see other deals as they roll around!

malt tees mini golf and pumpkin patch

Hours and Location

6335 Portland Ave. S  |  Richfield, MN 55423

The Pumpkin Patch is open Saturdays and Sundays in the Fall from 10:00am-7:00pm. It is just a hair east of 35W right off Hwy 62. It’s located just inside of Veteran’s Memorial Park with a decent sized, free parking lot. Just look for the pile of pumpkins. Oh, and the giant rainbow-colored inflatables.

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  • Aaron Silver
    09/09/2015 at 5:18 pm

    I’m so glad you posted about this. I had a vague memory of taking my older kid here years ago when she was like 3, but all I could remember was “bouncy castles and pumpkins” (not location!) and google wasn’t interested in giving me a result for that, except for you. Thanks!

  • michael
    10/16/2016 at 10:08 am

    This post is really great! it contains so much neccessary infromations for me because I’m teaching my kids to playing with golf. Thank you so much!