Rain, Rain Go Away…It’s Time for a Giveaway

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I’ll be the first to admit that going on an “adventure” every day sounds daunting and exhausting. Truth be told, as a middle-class mother who definitely feels the financial sting of an oil change or the weekly Target visit, I find myself doing a lot at home with my little people. We own LEGOS, Tinker Toys, color books, dolls, books, games, puzzles, dress-up clothes…you name it. But, every so often, mama likes to pour out my oft-neglected creative juices and whip me up a good, kid-friendly craft project. Today was one of those rainy, jammie-wearin’, “let’s-check-Pinterest” types of days.

Enter Problem: I don’t keep my house stocked with popsicle sticks, sequins, buttons, feathers, glitter, pipecleaners, felt and yarn. If you do, more power to you (and where DO you keep it all?)!  If you don’t, I’ve got a solution (and a free giveaway) that you might enjoy…

What is it?
Last month, I was approached by a local businesswoman and mother – Holly with Minneapolis CSP.  Minneapolis CSP is a Community Supported Project that preps and delivers weekly art, craft and play kits for Minneapolis families. I personally loved this idea because, as much as I love crafting with my kids, the idea of collecting all the goods needed to complete a project from start to finish sounds wearing (pack kids in car, shop at Michaels, pay and leave, realize you forgot the most important piece, go back in with kids, pack crying kids in car, get home…just to find their interest in the project, and probably yours, have soared clear out the window). I am a huge advocate of supporting local businesses, and her “theme” seemed to mesh with mine quite well so I thought, YES, let’s do a giveaway so people can see how conveniently wonderful this idea truly is. Little did I know what an epic failure I would be at maneuvering a hot glue gun, but practice makes perfect (or so they say).

Some quick details on Minneapolis CSP:
The craft kits vary in price and can be delivered to your home for free Monday-Friday (if within the delivery area of Minneapolis). Edina deliveries are on Thursdays. If outside the delivery area, you can schedule a pick-up from South Minneapolis (address available upon purchase). You do not need to be home for deliveries, which is nice. We had our cute little Spring animals waiting for us in our storm door when we got home. Minneapolis CSP does send out a weekly newsletter and also announces their projects on their Facebook page.

minneapolis csp

Fit for what ages?
The projects vary in difficulty level depending on the week, and almost always require some adult assistance. The Spring animals we did together definitely took teamwork. I manned the glue gun (poorly, mind you), my four-year-old did the googly eyes, feathers and cutting, and my two-year-old stuck a few cotton balls on the lamb. But, she was pretty proud of her end result (“Me did it!”). I was planning on giving these animals to my mother-in-law for Easter, but after seeing how cute they turned out, I’m thinking they might’ve found their permanent home on our console table. Other projects Minneapolis CSP has concocted include: tooth brush robots, rod puppets, bird seed cakes, snow globes, and superhero masks.

How much are we talkin?
The individual kits cost anywhere from $3 – $7.  You can order weekly or become a regular subscriber. The subscription seems like a convenient deal since CSP invoices you weekly via PayPal or you can pay with cash upon pick-up/delivery. An online form is set up on their website with a link to PayPal.  Forget the sticker shock when you hear your total at Joanne Fabrics. You only needed six inches of that ribbon you bought anyway! Now, you can spend less and only get what you really need. There are sometimes a few items that are not provided by CSP, including glue and paint (if they are part of the project you select).

Wanna be a WINNER?
Minneapolis CSP has graciously offered to give away TWO of their weekly project kits. The winner of this giveaway will receive the Spring Animals kit and the Fabric Necklace kit…just in time for Spring!

minneapolis csp

giveawayTO WIN: I’m going to make this simple… Because I often like staying home in my PJs and desperately need more entertainment ideas, I’m asking you to COMMENT BELOW telling me your favorite stay-at-home activity you do with your children. It can be a craft project, a game of imagination, a culinary or science experiment…basically, anything you do with your kids on a rainy day at home.

The giveaway will run for one week, with a deadline of Wednesday, April 9 at noon CST. I will notify the winner that evening. GOOD LUCK and I hope to hear some fresh ideas from your big, brilliant brains!

facebookLike Minneapolis CSP on Facebook or get signed up to receive their newsletter by emailing [email protected]. I hope you can now better enjoy all the rainy days that lie ahead of you this Spring!


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  1. Angela says

    We love camping in the living room. Set up the tent, fill it with books and board games, get out the flashlights, eat s’mores. The kits are a great idea and I enjoy your blog!!

    • says

      Angela, I’m glad you enjoy the blog! I’d love to know how you do indoor s’mores (mostly because I want to make them for myself after the kids go to bed) :)

  2. says

    How fantastic! I love this idea. I often pick up project kits at Michael’s/JoAnn when they are 40% off or on clearance for rainy days or pre-holiday excitement. I love that I don’t have to do the planning, shopping and prepping before the fun! Makes it more fun for everyone!

    Rainy Days here usually include pajamas, movies, pulling out toys we don’t leave out (train sets, big buckets of blocks) because of the trail they leave! Lots of stories, movies and sometimes puddle splashing!

  3. Emily C says

    My 3 year old daughter lives to play “roads” – we cut construction paper in half the long way and draw a dashed line down the strips. Then she arranges the paper into wacky road adventures around the living room furniture. Sometimes we make tunnels out of cereal boxes and “bridges” by propping up the roads in creative ways. My 3 year old and 1 year old both like to drive cars and trains all over the roads. We have never bought train tracks or race car tracks and I’m not sure I want them – even though my daughter always asks for them – because I like to see how she has to be creative without them.

    • says

      This is brilliant! We own many sets of train tracks and they never get played with. Kids are so creative – might have to try this idea on tomorrow’s “snow day” (ugh). Thanks for sharing, and reading the blog!

  4. Adam C says

    My wife Desiree(The creative one) makes really amazing ‘nature scenes’ on the kids bedroom door. We’re currently on a pond (think blue construction paper) where the little ones can help us cut out and color fish, frogs, birds, and flowers.

    Previous scenes have been themed around Halloween, Thanksgiving, Snowmen, etc.

  5. Anna Wrisky says

    Fun idea! We love to play with Legos, and the dollhouse, and come up with our own art projects.

  6. leah says

    We take shaving cream and food coloring, and have at it. messy, but easy clean up. If you want, you can take paper and lay it on top of the shaving cream, then scrape off. You can get some really cool swirly artwork!

  7. Laura Brady says

    I’ve heard of this but hadn’t tried it yet – am excited to get a chance to win! My 2-year-old and I invented a “game” that we call, “Swifferball,” which we play at least once a week. We each take a Swiffer, then use them to chase balls back and forth throughout the house (the hallway is especially fun)! We get a cardio workout, the floors get cleaned, she works on hand-eye coordination, and it’s a blast!

    • says

      Are you kidding me!? You found a way to combine fun + cleaning? Brilliant!! My mom used to strap wet washcloths to mine and my sister’s feet with rubber bands and tell us to “ice skate” around the kitchen. Now I see what she was doing… Clever moms :)

  8. says

    I love the idea of craft delivery, how awesome! One of our very favorite stuck inside activities has been dance parties. I make a fun album of dance music on Spotify and we dance. And when that gets old we play with play dough or do something in the kitchen!

    • says

      I like the idea of creating a playlist on Spotify (change it up a bit from simply playing the Frozen soundtrack over and over….and over and over). :) Good tip!

  9. Nina R. says

    Dance parties and playing hide and seek around the house. We play hide and seek with ourselves and with our favorite stuffed animals.

  10. Amy K says

    My almost 2 year old loves to sort and play with a container of buttons I found in my sewing kit. We sort by sizes, colors and textures and she spends many minutes pouring them back and forth into different sized cups and bowls. They would be fun to glue on to paper in designs/patterns as well.

  11. Marissa Tegels says

    My two year old loves to make things out of cardboard boxes (playhouses, cars, boats, etc.) and we love sensory tub activities! The current favorite: snow, bowls, measuring cups for scooping, and a mini spray bottle with water and food coloring for “decorating” her snowy creations. However, I have to say that I hope this choice becomes unavailable soon!

  12. says

    I love this idea of the Crafts kits! We love to have treasure hunts. I make up the clues and he searches out to find the “treasure” at the end. I have to read him the clues, but still tons of fun! A little twist on the hide and seek that he always wants to play with his stuffed animals.

  13. Julie Nordin says

    We love playing in the water table when it’s nice out, and painting when it’s crappy out :)

  14. Monica says

    I wouldn’t considered this MY favorite stay-at-home activity but…My son is currently obsessed with laundry & the dishwasher. So fun for him these days = making sure all of the laundry and dishes are clean. With this never-ending winter we’ve had, I’ve never been so caught up on laundry/dishes! And it’s nice to have a cleaning buddy :-) Add in an 80s Dance Party & everyone’s happy!

    • says

      Does your cleaning buddy want another house to clean? I have four bins of laundry and an embarrassing amount of dishes stacked up. Could use a little help. :)

  15. Page says

    We also set up indoor tents made of lots of blankets. But my 3 yo likes to pretend it’s a circus & gets all her stuffed animals involved. Old Halloween costumes (animals, clowns, etc.) can add to the fun!

  16. Erica Drake says

    dress up and pretend for my 3yr old… most recently it’s been school, princess and santa claus
    legos, pokemon cards and drawing pokemon and skylanders fo rmy 6 yr old
    twins -4m – chilling in their bumbos :)

  17. Becky says

    We do a lot of scavenger hunts. Pick ten objects, draw them on a piece of paper and then hide them around the house. My four year old loves to go searching for everything.